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Westport First Town in the East Coast!

Friday, September 5th, 2008

The Representative Town Meeting approved a ban on plastic bags in supermarkets and retail stores in Westport, thus establishing Westport as the first town on the East Coast to approve such an ordinance.

The ordinance has a sunset clause, the legislation expire in one year unless re-approved by the RTM.

The ordinance favors the use of reusable check-out bags in order to improve the environment in Westport. 

To justify the new ordinance, the group that sponsored, has stated that non-biodegradable plastic bags often are discarded into the evironment and end up polluting our waterways, clogging sewers, endangering marine life and causing unsightly litter.

The people are not denied the right to use plastic bags, but merchants, particularly supermarkets and drugs store, would no longer be able to give them away for free.

Do you think that this is a reduction of convenience or rights? Send me your opinons.